Tips to Maintain and Clean Your Newly Replaced Windows

Windows play a vital role in every home. However, this feature is usually overlooked by a lot of homeowners. Regardless if you would like to make your old windows last longer or you’ve just installed replacement windows for your home, the window cleaning tips listed below can help you with that.   

How to clean your window glass?  

Here’s how you can do basic window care that most window cleaners highly recommend for homeowners:  

  • Spray a lot of store-bought glass cleaner onto your window glass. Never utilize harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, or you could embed streaks on the glass. Use a squeegee, paper towel, or a lint-free cloth to wipe it clean.  
  • If you want to eliminate adhesive or crayon marks, apply glass cooktop cleaner to a wet, clean cloth and gently scrub to take out the unsolicited markings.  
  • Apply a small amount of warmed vinegar or denatured alcohol to a dry, clean cloth to eliminate dried sealant, caulk, or paint. Then, start scrubbing the surface, and if needed, scrape it gently using a single-edge razor blade.   

Cleaning guide to using every day  

Follow this advice if you want your windows to seamlessly operate:  

  • Never let anyone lean, swing, or pull-on casement window stabilizer arms or open sashes.  
  • Before trying to latch your windows, see that the window is fully closed first.   
  • Put even pressure to a double- or single-hung sash as you close and open the window, or put direct pressure in the mid part of the sash.   
  • Only operate casement windows and awning from the inside with the operator handle attached to it.   
  • Gently close and open windows. Note that you don’t have to put too much force.   

Window maintenance tips  

Maintaining your windows from time to time can help your windows to smoothly operate and make an airtight seal once closed. Listed below are some of the tasks you have to do at least once a year or as required:  

  • Seal, stain or paint, and sand wood windows every couple of years.  
  • Use water and mild detergent to clean the exterior factory finish. Then, immediately rinse it using clean water and get a clean cloth to wipe it dry.   
  • Clean the casement windows and awning’s operating parts, such as the sash locks, pivot pins, crank gears, etc. Then, spray a penetrating lubricant—like a lithium spray or silicone, to these areas. Make sure not to squirt lithium spray on your weatherstripping because this could decrease its effectiveness.  
  • Make sure to lubricate the tracks as required using silicone spray, which does not attract dirt and dust.   
  • Use a vacuum with its brush attachment to remove debris like cobwebs, dust, and dirt on the tracks of your windows.  
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior part of the window frame to eliminate dirt and dust.   

If you’re planning to have your old, dirty windows replaced with a new one, don’t hesitate to contact a reputable window service provider to book a schedule and request an estimate of the new window cost.